Sunday, May 6, 2007

Met Chris Reeve

Went to the knife show at Solvang last week. A couple of hours drive for a disappointing show. I guess I expected more knives and fewer photo books than we got. My friend picked up one of his bird and trout knives . . . very nice but I'll use my Sebbie, thank you.

I met Chris at the show and he was impressive in person. He described why his blade serrations are in different directions on each side of the blade, apparently some recent research for the military. I don;t own any of his fixed blades but that may change this year.

Sent my Mnandi in for what I thought was some form of discoloration on the handles. Turns out this cloudiness is a natural feature of Titanium. They offered to replace everything but I declined, I like it as it is now.

Just ordered a chromium oxide loaded leather strop to put a final polish on my blades. This should make finishing that Sebbie compound edge easier as I really like that "smooth as a razor, scary-sharp " edge.

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